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Who Are We?

We are a group of visionary artists working to make positive change through the arts.

We are serious about our work but try not to take ourselves too seriously!



The Placemaker

Founder of Impact Artist Collective, Jacqui is passionate about creating physical, online and conceptual places where the arts can make a positive impact on

individuals and communities. She is a member of the  Placemaking Leadership Council & Founder of Wild Creative Life movement.


The Alchemist

Marisa Mouton, film photographer, encourages the art of film photography to live on. Her work is heavily inspired by her personal experiences, pretty and not so pretty and also manipulating film development processes with alternative chemicals. 


The Arts Instigator

With a fire and enthusiasm for all things tactile, Sherri seeks to ignite creativity in all curious souls. Making arts education accessible to all is the driving force behind her work.


The Story Teller

Words are power and narrative is medicine. Jessica believes story can heal and transform, and through that seeks to raise the voices of women in her community and around the world - write it, say it, sing it, shout it.

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